Justified is a new cop drama that I’ve just caught up on (it’s in the first season, but has been approved for at least one more). It stars Timothy Olyphant, who is usually fun to watch, as Rayland Givens – a US Marshall. The main interest here is that his character in Justified is basically exactly the same guy as Seth Bullock in Deadwood. I’m not complaining – I think there’s a place for the soft-spoken filled-with-burning-rage lawman in almost any TV show. Well, maybe not any show, but at least the cop variety.

Justified is based on some Elmore Leonard novels and short stories, so it’s not like somebody said “Well, Deadwood’s over, so let’s give young Olyphant another vehicle to continue his journey as a lawman”. Or, at least, I assume that’s not what happened, though it wouldn’t be impossible that his performance in Deadwood had something to do with getting this role.

Anyhow, it’s nice to see another series starting up. Initially, quite watchable, some good dialogue, and a good (realistically flawed) main character. I’ll be keeping up for the time being.