As far as I know, Battlestar Galactica (the original one) was the origin of the word “frack” (replacing another well-known f-word). In the recent remake, it became “frak” (a more typical four-letter word). The use of frak in the show was never excessive (like the frakin’ use of the frakin’ f-word in a frakin’ lot of frakin’ places, for frak’s sake) which was fine. Understandably, people need an expletive at times (like getting shot, or finding out that your wife – or you, for that matter – is/are a cylon). Sometimes, “well, gosh” just doesn’t cut it. So far so good.

Making this about a million times better, though, is the use of “frak” becoming more common outside the show. Just this week, characters on The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds used “frak” as it was intended to be used – to express shock/surprise/disgust at ongoing events in the show.

This is great for a couple of reasons:

  1. No need to offend the easily offended. “Frak” doesn’t refer to any body parts, bodily functions, sexual activity, or excretions (the main source of “swears”). So, there’s nothing to complain about. It’s just a made-up word that has been given “swear” status.
  2. Since “frak” is being used in the present, because of its use being demonstrated in the future, this provides an excellent example of time travel. Also, it explains where the word came from in Battlestar Galactica – they learned it from us.

Just kidding about that last one. Still, I think that reason #1 is legitimate. There have been any number of people who have written about the lack of “common courtesy” or politeness in today’s society (citing some people’s complete lack of awareness of the difference between public and private space, for example). I think we could use a few additional new expletives which would allow for the function of swearing without the additional rudeness. I’m accepting suggestions.


Justified is a new cop drama that I’ve just caught up on (it’s in the first season, but has been approved for at least one more). It stars Timothy Olyphant, who is usually fun to watch, as Rayland Givens – a US Marshall. The main interest here is that his character in Justified is basically exactly the same guy as Seth Bullock in Deadwood. I’m not complaining – I think there’s a place for the soft-spoken filled-with-burning-rage lawman in almost any TV show. Well, maybe not any show, but at least the cop variety.

Justified is based on some Elmore Leonard novels and short stories, so it’s not like somebody said “Well, Deadwood’s over, so let’s give young Olyphant another vehicle to continue his journey as a lawman”. Or, at least, I assume that’s not what happened, though it wouldn’t be impossible that his performance in Deadwood had something to do with getting this role.

Anyhow, it’s nice to see another series starting up. Initially, quite watchable, some good dialogue, and a good (realistically flawed) main character. I’ll be keeping up for the time being.

Hiring Policies at CTU

So we’re well into season 8 of 24. I’m finding it a bit hard to watch again this time around, but having invested so much time already I figure I might as well keep up. My only problem is that since you now it’s going to be 24 episodes, it’s a little anticlimactic when Jack gets oh-so-close to catching the bad guys in episode 6 or whatever, when you know full well they’re going to just barely slip through his fingers (again and again and again).

My real problem, though, is with the oh-so-inevitable mole in CTU. I was unhappy to find out that it was (SPOILER ALERT) Dana this time, as I still had some bad/good girl carryover from Battlestar Galactica. Anyhow, aside from that level of disappointment, I was unshocked but still heartily displayed by the existence of yet another mole in the newly refurbished CTU. Has there been a season without a mole? I don’t remember one, but I’d be happy to be corrected. In any case, it’s certainly a common plot element.

My question is: Who is doing the job screening and interviews for this place? Clearly, they need someone more along the lines of Jack for the job interviews. Imagine:

Jack: Are you a terrorist?
Prospective Employee: No.
Jack: <grabs their throat> ARE YOU A TERRORIST?
Prospective Employee: <breaks down in tears> Yes, yes, I confess, I was going to be next season’s mole.

Problem Solved.

Granted, this might pose some problems on the “how do the bad guys slip away so many, many times” front … maybe some sort of low blood sugar episode for Jack could make up the difference. Good opportunity for some product placement as well. Hmmm. Somebody get back to me on this.

Of course, this being the last season, I guess I’m a bit late with the constructive criticism. Maybe the movie could, dream of dreams, be mole-free! Anybody?