Well, I had to post something, didn’t I?

OK, so I’m moving from a “normal” website (whatever that is) to a blog format. I had just been updating my resume now and then anyway, and I’d been thinking about doing some blogging, so it seemed like the time. I can’t imagine anything the world desperately needs less than a blog, but I’m helpless in the face of the cultural gestalt. Possibly, unlikely as it is, I’ll actually enjoy this. Even less likely, maybe somebody else will as well.

If not, at least I’ll provide yet another forum for some useless spam comments and trackbacks. I live to serve.

Eventually, I’ll include some of the work I’ve done in PHP and MySQL, for those who haven’t made it over some of the hurdles I’ve managed to claw my way past over the years. If, as seems quite likely, that it’s only my Mom keeping up with this, just ignore that stuff. Maybe there’ll be something chatty about Castle.

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