Notes on the Tughan Family

Samuel Tughan York Street Flax Spinning Mill, Belfast
Margaret Watson Born 1841, Radley, Co. Armagh. Married 1865


The Genealogical Index shows the births between 1872 and 1878 were  recorded in the Town of Antrim.

Harry (born 1868. Married to Sarah Shilliday)
William (born 1873. Died, Bangor, June 1912)
Nathaniel (born 1873, single in 1911)
Margaret (born 1875,  Single in 1911)
John (born 1877, married to Agnes)
Emma ? (born 1878, no other information)
Lydia Meek. Born March 10, 1873, Union Street, Belfast. Daughter of Charles and Mary Jane Meek, Portadown. Died in Bangor, 1943, aged 70.
William Tughan and Lydia Meek Married at First Presbyterian Church, Bangor, April 1903. Witnesses Charles Meek and Nathaniel Tughan.
Children Margaret Evelyn (Peggy) (b 1904)
Helen Mary (b 1906)
Frederick Charles (b 1909)
Basil Watson (b 1911)
Margaret Tughan (nee Watson). 70.  11 children born, 6 living. (5 accounted for and one, maybe Emma but not confirmed). Son Nathaniel and daughter Margaret, resident at 52 Seacliffe Road Bangor, in 1911.
John Tughan, wife Agnes and two children Samuel 9 and Sarah 7, resident at 54 Seacliffe Road, Bangor in 1911.

The Meeks:  Harold Lloyd Meek, Barrister, (Hal as was called) was born in 1895 and died 1960. He was the son of Joseph Meek. A director of Lever Brothers, Cheshire England, he immigrated to Australia to be Chairman of Lever Brothers Pacific Plantations N.S.W.

The above referenced family tree goes back to John Meek Esq. who sailed under the Lord Admiral against the Spanish Armada in 1588. Grandmother Lydia Meek came from a marriage between Charles Meek and Mary Jane McCracken. Mary Jane Died in Bangor March 22nd 1917, aged 89. In the McCracken line is Henry Joy McCracken, who led the United Irish men to defeat and was hanged in 1798.

The family tree also shows the siblings of William Tughan as noted above. This is further substantiated by the Tughan residents of 52 & 54 Seacliffe Road Bangor, as noted from the 1911 census. The records show William and Nathaniel as being born in the same year of 1873. Could they have been twins? The records do not show this.

The above information taken from the following sources: The 1911 Census of Ireland; the archival records of the Bangor Spectator newspaper, June 1911; the records of ‘First Bangor Presbyterian Church’. Bangor; a Meek/McCracken ‘family tree’ (Given to me by Hal Meek in Sydney Australia in 1957). International Genealogical Index –British Isles.

Compiled by Ron Tughan (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – October 2012).

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